Alzheimer’s Disease – Why You May Be At Risk For The Disease

After its discovery and naming in 1906, researcher has been continuously trying to understand the exact cause of this dreaded malady. By knowing the cause of this disease, doctors, besides treating the disease, can actively prevent it from affecting those at a very high risk. The direct cause of their disease is still untraceable, but surely, according to researchers, progressive failure of brain cells plays a major role on causing Alzheimer’s disease.





More and more studies have been made to analyze and compare similarities in patients and to zero in on factors that have made them prove to develop the malady. A few risk factors can be easily controlled by us while there are many others over which we had no control what so ever.

The greatest risk of factor is old age at 65 years and there after. Genetic has every significant part to play. Risk factor increases three fold if a parent or siblings ha the disease. ‘ApoliproteinE–e4’ is the identified gene that has a say in Alzheimer’s disease. This is the blue print for one of the proteins which transmit cholesterol in the blood. Other genes are believed to be involved though not yet identified .Though this gene is risk factor, patients linked to this gene are few compared to actual Alzheimer’s patients. The conclusion is, therefore that the disease is combination of genetic and non-genetic factors of risk.

Alzheimer’s patients have another common link in severe head injuries.Health disorders affecting a healthy blood circulation to the brain is also a risk of serious nature. The brain fed by extensive net work of blood vessels, uses nearly a quarter of the blood pumped by the heart. Heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure are other risk factors.

Excessive alcohol, smoking, poor nutrition aggravate the level of deterioration of health and breakdown brain activity. Lack of physical exercise for proper circulation of blood can also be a risk factor along with lack of mental and social activity for stimulation of nerve cells and neuron connections.

Genetics place the person at a very high risk but the way a person lives has a pivotal role. There is a great deal with in one’s control and a careful healthy lifestyle can prevent one from falling prey to this dreaded disease.





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