Alzheimer’s Disease - Understanding Symptoms and Signs

Old age observers senses treat it is possible to live a healthy life without resigning oneself to old age and declining abilities. With positive thrust and thoughtful effort and can enjoy his old age thoroughly.Perceptible change there is for every one in his advanced age. How is it possible for one to know if the change that affects him is natural for his age or a serious disease like Alzheimer’s.





A few of the symptoms that indicate Alzheimer’s disease are:

(1) Loss of memory regarding the name of people not seen regularly or recalling a minor event, or missing a minor event. Victims of the disease cannot retain recent information. They forget major events and cannot recollect people of their surroundings.

(2) People have difficulty with language or numbers. They forget common words like ‘chair’ and use one word for another like ‘food’ instead of ‘drink’.

(3) People affected with Alzheimer’s disease cannot do simple routines like dressing up or preparing a meal.

(4) They are easily disoriented in their familiar neighborhoods and routes. They lose track of time also.

(5) Their judgments are severely affected and they do not know what to wear on a colder day.

(6) Increased dementia leaves the sufferer frustrated angry and afraid resulting in sudden mood swings that brings in a basic change in his personality.

(7) Too much of pressure and challenge drives the patient to withdraw from normal life and activity. He becomes totally indifferent to his surroundings and circumstances.

Exhibition of a few of these symptoms should be taken seriously and the doctor should be consulted at the earliest. Whether it is due to stress or other disease or Alzheimer’s, it should be diagnosed early and the necessary care and help bestowed to arrest its progress.





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