Alzheimer’s Disease - Support and Caring for Victims

When some one are diagnosed with a very serious disease, the closest person or his relative would like to personally care for him. While this may not work out always, there are excellent institutions that come to help in extreme at emergency situations. But the care at comfort from the loved one adds to the dignity, comfort and the total feelings of security for the patient.





This is rather a difficult path that needs proper communication among all those involved. There is a very need for planning, extra assistance and awareness of what is available for community services.

By following some fundamental approaches we can preserve the quality of life of the patient to the best extent possible. Alzheimer’s disease advances at different rates. You can best utilize the time available by arranging activities of their interest and allowing them to participate. Going for walks in the park, visiting the museums, going on a picnic or sitting near the water in a restful mood for rejuvenation may be quite helpful to the patients.

A few patients may like to socialize and be active at a mall or local fair or be in family visits and meals. By such involvement, the patients mental abilities will be stimulated. They will at the least develop a sense of self esteem and dignity and improve on their over all health.

As the disease advances one cannot express clearly his thoughts and desire. The care given should be calm and composed and keep his tone light. Shorter sentences with a simple idea at a time will avoid any confusion for the patient. Eye contact should be kind thoughtful. Allow proper time for them to complete their thoughts.

Provision of home environment is another sphere of attention ensuring safety of a person not conscious of certain risks or hazards. You should keep away or lock substances like cleaning solutions, painting products or chemical from the patient as they are hazardous. There should be system to monitor any medication the patient uses.

Arrangements for free movement with protection should be made at home like small gates for staircase to prevent a fall, taping of rugs to prevent slipping and furniture removed to allow free movement. Wheel chair can be use d and grab bars fixed in wash rooms. A shower chair or a bath tub can be arranged. This will prevent your lovable person from falling down and injuring seriously.

To look after and care for a patient of Alzheimer’s disease is a great challenge. But to do so and see him through this difficult time when a feels of sense of dignity and security has its own great and deep reward.





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