Alzheimer’s Disease – 5 Critical Ideas To Help The Caregiver

Usually the chief caregiver for an Alzheimer’s patient will be close family members who have to face new emotional situations and manage them suitably. A proper understanding of the situation will help the person to cope with the helplessness, confusion and anger those crops up with the patient.





First, any long term cure requires practical issues to be dealt with first and foremost. The highly emotional aspect of this long term care should be addressed at the out set. A solid routine for the patient should be established like regular bath and meals times, times for medication and enjoyable activities helpful to both the patient and the caregiver.

Secondly creation of a calm, clean and quiet environment will encourage the patient to cooperate. The care taker can help the patient to tie on boots by providing a step on and assist by providing comfortable clothing.

The third important idea is for the care giver to project appositive and cheerful attitude. The patient feels frustrated as the disease progresses and he will not be able to do even simple tasks. He should be given a secure feeling that there is no pressure or rush. They should feel a safe environment and a sense of dignity and care. Some may not know what reaction they leave but pick up on hearing negative remarks and feel that they are causing problems. This will increase their frustration and anger. So the caretaker should choose good friends who can give them the emotional and practical support they need.

The fourth important idea for the caregiver is to take a break when his emotional and physical health is affected. He should find a suitable replacement through some one who can come in as soon as the caregiver leaves. Local support groups will be ideal and express the frustration and anger while others understand what they are going through.

The fifth important idea for the caregiver is to seek the help of the family doctor. Tell the doctor about the situation you are facing so that he/ she can maintain your health and direct you to other sources help.

There is absolutely no hard and fast or rigid role for every body. Individual circumstances vary and differ. It is really a gesture of love to be prepared to help some one for long term illness. It is only with proper insight, care, and planning the caregiver can best manage the patient’s situation and circumstance.





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