3 Types of Alternative Treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease

Medical science is still hunting after a proper remedy for Alzheimer’s disease and some new drug seems to have a curative effect on the malady. While people are encouraged and take the new medicine to improve their memory, there are many who take recourse to alternative3 remedies and treatments separately or in combination on with traditional medicine for better result and relief.





One of the most significant alternatives focuses on stress. The patient has a number of negative feelings, senses that he is losing control of his life, and grows angry and anxious. To face the challenge of the disease and to manage it practically the person requires some one to speak to and express himself. The subject may be too emotional and sensitive to be shared with the closest relations. Hence a professional counseling is absolutely necessary with a therapist to whom the person can express freely his feelings for a positive approach.

Managing stress is expected to relax the body and mind of the individual sufferers. This improves the healing process like circulation. The body’s natural healing energy is stimulated and a few symptoms of the disease are brought down. In accordance with their a few have taken up music therapy and aroma therapy.

Acupuncture and Acupressure are the other alternative lives for the treatments of the disease. These are also effective in relaxing the body and mind of stress and stimulating the natural healing mechanism of the body. Already there is a proof that acupuncture lows down the deterioration of certain brain functions.

Herbal remedies and nutritional supplements are the other important alternative treatments for the disease including Ginkgo Biloba, and Coenzyem Q10, Huperzine A and Coral calcium. As these treatments are outside the fold of Food and Drug Administration research has not verified their efficacy. We are also not sure of the quality of products though many testify to their effectiveness encouragingly.

Whether it is traditional or alternate methods or a combination of both, consult your personal doctor for coordinating your treatment safely. While focusing on alternative medicine choose a well qualified health care professional. There is no doubt that the challenge of this enervating malady necessitates the best possible resources and personal ready at hand for assistance and guidance.





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